How to Keep Cool on a Memory Foam Mattress

Is your memory foam mattress too hot? Unfortunately, many people jump at the opportunity of having a memory foam mattress because they think it’s going to change their life. While they are comfortable to sleep on and very plush, that comfort can quickly turn into heat buildup, tossing and turning, and frustration.

Since memory foam mattresses cause you to sink in so much, they create quite a bit of heat. There are a few things you can do to help cool yourself down when sleeping. By the end of this article, you should find yourself sleeping cooler and more comfortable.

1. Create Air Circulation

While you can’t create extra airflow through the mattress, you can set yourself up for success by getting the bed up off the ground. Make sure there is plenty of space underneath the mattress for air to work its way through.

When air gets trapped under the mattress, it causes your body heat to build up. When our body heat builds up and has nowhere to go, it causes us to sweat. We need a more breathable mattress to get a good rest.

Excess heat during sleep causes us to break our deep REM sleep, which quickly turns into a restless night and frustrating mornings. That memory foam bed you spent a bunch of money on quickly starts to feel like a waste.

2. Use a Gel-Infused Mattress Topper

We’re starting to see more and more gel-infused items becoming popular in the mattress industry. In addition to gel, there are also charcoal and copper infusions that you can buy for your mattress topper.

These mattress toppers help cool you down by sucking out all the body heat and dissipating or dispersing it somewhere else. When we sleep, and body heat builds up, we’re creating an environment that doesn’t promote healthy sleep. Having a useful mattress topper like one of these options will help keep you fresh through the night.

3. Cool Down the Room

If all else fails, turn down the thermostat and make the room cooler. Research suggests that sleeping in a cold room improves the quality of your sleep. While your mattress might be warm, the room is cool, so the two balance each other out. Where you might encounter a problem is when it’s time to get out of bed in the morning.

If you don’t want to turn down the heat because it may impact the quality of someone else’s sleep, you could always install a ceiling fan or purchase a small fan that can blow on you while you sleep.

Read our guide on the best temperature for sleeping for more tips on how to stay cool throughout the night.

Why is Memory Foam Hot?

If you’ve got a memory foam mattress too hot to handle, there are a few things you want to know. There are reasons why this foam is so comfortable but so hot, let’s take a look.

The airy structure of the foam is there to hug out body and contour to our shape. That reason is why so many people turn to this type of mattress. Many people who deal with back or neck pain will use memory foam because it helps them sleep better.

The problem with something hugging you while you’re sleeping is that sinking into the mattress is what causes us to get so hot. The porous foam has tiny little bubbles, and when you combine them, the mattress becomes quite dense. Since the bed is so compact, it’s not breathable.

If we compare this to a box spring or innerspring mattress, there is a lot of space in the mattress for air to move around. When you sleep on an innerspring, your body heat can flow down into the bed and make its way out.

Since the mattress is dense and it only becomes denser when you lay on it, there is nowhere for that body heat to go. As a result, the mattress itself becomes hot, you become hot, and everything becomes a big sweaty mess.

However, the best mattresses available, whether memory foam or some other material, have found ways to combat sleeping hot. There are gel-infused memory mattresses and plant-based memory foam mattresses. Whatever type of bed you end up shopping for, just check to make sure the company has addressed the “sleeping hot” factor.

What About Hybrid Mattresses?

Hybrids are an excellent option for people looking to get the many benefits of memory foam without the hot sleeping concerns. Hybrids contain foam, but they often include springs and even gel, as well.

The gel memory foam combination works well because you get the comfort of the foam with the breathability of the gel. Hybrid mattresses lower heat retention while still cradling pressure points and preventing overheating.

Overall, hybrid mattresses are the best option for people who think memory foam sleeps too hot. While they are the best option, they also are quite expensive because of the many components and benefits they provide. You also cannot flip a hybrid mattress because they need to be set up in a specific way, so you get the benefits of the many layers.

What About Mattress Pads?

There are many different options for memory foam toppers, and these are also a great solution for your hot sleeping issues. Is your memory foam mattress too hot? If so, you’ll want to create a barrier between you and the foam. When you have the foam underneath the topper, you’ll still get all the benefits and comfort from the foam without having to sleep on it.

Putting a mattress protector on top of the foam will keep your cool because you’ll have a layer of protection between you and the memory foam. There are many different types of toppers with different materials.

Wool is one, for example. It might seem like wool would make you hotter, but it works well in a few ways. First, wool is allergy-resistant, and it absorbs moisture. Part of the reason why memory foam gets hot is that it doesn’t absorb moisture well.

When we are hot and sweaty that moisture sits around in the foam, making us hotter and setting us up for mold and mildew buildup as well.

You can choose with mattress topper material works best for you and put it to the test. This trick is a great option for people who aren’t looking to go out and spend a bunch of money improvising your mattress.

What about Moisture Wicking Sheets?

Another great option for removing moisture comes from your sheets. If you decide to get, moisture-wicking sheets make sure you go for high quality 100% cotton because these will ensure you don’t get too hot at night. These sheets get made mainly to prevent excess moisture buildup that causes you to get hot when you sleep.

Many people use a heavy comforter that acts as an insulator. You want to keep everything cool by using a cooling mattress cover with a gel foam mattress topper. Combining all these breathable materials will help turn a hot mattress into a cool oasis.


If you’re currently dealing with a memory foam mattress that is too hot, you’re not alone. Many people run to memory foam when they need a new mattress. They think it will dramatically improve the quality of their sleep. While this factor is true for many, it also brings about the problem of excessive heat buildup during sleep.

Use the tips and tricks outlined above to help cool down your nights and ensure you get a good night’s sleep. Good luck and rest easy!

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  1. You can instantly upgrade your mattress when you add a memory foam mattress topper. Memory foam toppers are made from high-density foam that works with your body heat to mold to your shape. This is great for winter temperatures or people who get cold while they sleep, but when temperatures heat up, you may experience trouble sleeping. The article provided by you is great, Thanks for the post.


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