8 Big Ideas for Small Bedroom Spaces for Your Kids

With small rooms, we need to get creative with big ideas! Creating the best bedroom for your little ones is possible, even if you’re short on space. Here are 8 suggestions for designing kids rooms in small spaces.

1. Double Up with Bunk Beds

Height is a great way to maximize small spaces, which makes bunk beds an easy go to. For tinier tots, it’s nice to keep the lower bunk close to the carpeted floor to make it softer and easier for them to climb in and out of bed. This darling bunk bed frame is beautifully crafted and we love the privacy that the pom pom curtains provide.

2. Give Your Beds a Lift

I remember dreaming about having a loft bed as a child because it doubled up as a treehouse or my own personal fort.

This lumberjack themed bedroom makes wonderful use of the space, and its cozy nook even encourages a bit of storytime.

It’s a good set up because that space underneath could be adapted in other homes to use as desk space for homework time too.Sometimes the “I want the top bunk” argument gets tricky.

The solution? Give them both the top bunk! We think this loft bed for two is a wonderful idea, especially if your kids are a similar age. The area underneath can make a suitable space for a play area, or a good hideaway spot as storage for toys and books.

3. Secret Stowaways

Sleepovers are always great fun and so is being prepared for them.

Save yourself the trouble of looking for spare sleeping bags in storage and opt for a pull out bed that you can conveniently tuck away underneath. They also come in handy when you’re reading bedtime stories. It’s all fun and games until it’s time to clean up the toys and you’ve got teddy bears falling out of every nook and cranny. Pick a bed with built-in storage for faster tidy up time.

4. Upgrade the Window Seat

Speaking of storage, why not give the window seat an upgrade by installing shelves underneath?

5. Bye-Bye Doors

With an open closet, you get the storage space by not worrying about whether or not it fits with the door shut. Added bonus, you’ll be quicker to clear out the things you no longer need nor want to look at! We think it’s a great idea to have the clothes hung low enough too, so they can help pick out the day’s outfits.

Another example of eliminated wardrobe space is this alcove nook created where there were once doors. Splitting the area into two heights, with space for laundry underneath and a fun seating area up top.Maybe we don’t notice it at first, but doors can often take up more space than we realize.

6. Barely There Bookshelf

Ah, so many books, so little space. Did you know you can use the area behind the bedroom door?

Create book ledges using wall trims for an instant bookshelf that maximizes this often wasted space. It makes a lovely personal library and pick out your favorite book covers to display.

7. Portable Playhouse

Playhouses help to create those fantasy worlds. We love these teepees that you can prop up during play time and stow away after.

A nice way to create a corner for the day’s entertainment, that can also be converted to other activities as the week wears on.

8. Creative Space Savers

Learning should always be interactive, and there are plenty of ways to make it so.Even without a major overhaul, you can create your own learning space by using a metal sheet and sticking plenty of magnets in an array of colorful letters and numbers.

Inside every child is the potential to become the next Picasso, and what better way to encourage them (without drawing on walls) than by placing a chalkboard in the room. Whether using chalkboard paint straight on the wall, or a frame that you can move around, you can use it as a learning tool and taskboard too without taking up much space.

Designing kids’ rooms can be fun even in small spaces, so do let us know if any of these ideas have inspired you!

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